One of the most important phase in life, that shapes almost majority of human. Childhood defines a human perception, thinking and ability to respond to a human . The majority…

While reading through one of the popular blogs in medium by a writer who went through the reading and analyzing the writing for almost a 5year, I came to know that writing title is one of the most important thing in writing. Writing is a medium to enter into the…

The arrow of Ram pierced the Ravan. The 10 headed Ravan fall to the ground by the arrow of almighty Ram. The epic Ramayana ends with this special ending.There are other famous holy book in Hinduism called Bhagwat Geeta and Mahabharata.They are of course one of the best book written…

There are points to have a good and engaging beginning.

Strategy 1: Begin with action or dialogue.

I crouched in starting position, hands poised on the track and back coiled like a spring. “On your mark! Get set!” The starting gun boomed. I launched myself forward, trying to spring ahead of the pack.

Strategy 2: Ask a question.

Why does trouble always…

People say that specific the title, less you get to write. How am I supposed to described the most precious things that human being ever got:life.

Raj Dhakal

hungry for knowledge and sharing

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